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Trending: Mobile Marketing's Inevitable Growth

What It's About: Mobile marketing is growing fast, but the investment so far remains comparatively small to other forms of marketing. GigaOm's PaidContent reports that mobile advertising spending in the U.K. is up 132% in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2011, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau figures. The total figure is just $290 million, and the lion's share of that spending was on mobile search. A study by the CMO Council, which was covered in this MediaPost story, indicated that marketing executives are moving slowly into mobile. Only 14% of the 250 executives interviewed were satisfied with their company's progress in mobile. Much of the focus is on elements such as optimizing their websites for mobile rather than on budgeting for advertising on mobile devices. 

Who Is Impacted: CMOs, ad agencies, everyone in marketing

Why It's Important: Studies estimate that the number of mobile subscribers globally will reach 6.5 billion by the end of this year. There are more mobile devices in the world than toothbrushes is the word on the street. Mobile is definitely going to be a massive marketing medium, there is no question about it. Its sheer scale guarantees that, and it will continue to grow for the simple fact that mobile devices account for at least 10% of media consumption time but garners far less than 1% of media ad spend. How fast it will make up the difference is unclear, because marketers are still struggling to figure out the past decade's changes and how to integrate search, display, social, email and other digital techniques into their overall strategy.

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