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Remix Tips: Choose the Right Metrics for Each Stage of the Funnel

Prospects at different stages of the marketing funnel do not share the same attributes, so why would you compare your success in reaching top-, mid-, and bottom-funnel targets according to the same metrics?

Prospects must be nurtured over time, so it’s not realistic to expect new audiences to immediately convert. Instead, consider these metrics for success at each stage of the funnel:

At the top of the funnel, you are promoting your brand to prospects who are unfamiliar with your company or industry solution, so impact-based strategies such as display ads and video ads to a broad pool of B2B prospects will help you reach your target audiences.

When considering how successful your campaigns are, determine whether a display ad campaign has increased brand recall among your target demographics and analyze how many targeted prospects have clicked to visit your website.

In the middle of the funnel, prospects are familiar with your brand name but likely have not yet explored the solutions you can offer. At this point, you can segment your prospects more precisely by job function and seniority, using targeted display, search, and social media advertising to reach them.

Your metrics of success should focus primarily on data that demonstrates increased engagement with your brand, such as increased branded search results, web content engagement lift, and increased average time spent on your website.

At the bottom of the funnel, prospects have been exposed to your brand numerous times, and previously visited your website or otherwise engaged with your content. At this stage, you can use retargeting campaigns to lead them back to relevant offers and pages on your website: If they have provided contact details, you can add them to your marketing automation campaigns; you can also use tracking cookies to repeatedly display ads for your B2B solution no matter where they travel on the web, encouraging them to return and contact a sales representative.

For bottom-funnel prospects, metrics of success should finally be tied to conversions and overall campaign costs. Analyze statistics including your overall cost-per-lead, your website conversion lift, and your converted prospects’ contribution to revenue and opportunity to gauge your campaign’s success level.

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