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Together, Bizo and comScore track the behavior of about 100 million business people around the Web. Once a week, we at Digital Marketing Remix share some insights gleaned from this data. This week, we're taking a dive into how businesspeople interact with training and education websites.

It's clear that technology continues to grow in importance in every facet of business, it stands to reason that training and education on these new technologies will also increase. We asked the question whether data showed that business people are more likely than typical Internet users to visit education and training websites. The answer is a resounding yes.  

Here are some details from the comScore-Bizo data:

  • IT software professionals were the most likely job function to visit training and education websites. They were more then six times more likely than the general population to seek out training.
  • Consultants were also highly likely to visit training websites. This job function was more than 5 times as likely to visit these kinds of websites as the general Web population.
  • In terms of seniority, middle managers were more apt to visit training and education websites than top executives and non-managers. Middle managers were three times as likely to visit training websites than the general population.

The takeaway is that business people are using the Web to bolster the training and education they need to do their jobs. Marketers of education and training can reach a broad and engaged audience for their services via digital marketing.

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